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O’Connor Opticians offers an extensive range of contact lenses. Following our initial consultation our Optometrist will be able to advise you about the suitability of contact lenses for you and the most suitable types for you to wear. Through regular check-ups we will be able monitor the health of your eyes and your vision wearing contact lenses. 

Contact lenses are a popular choice for many of our patients.

Contact lenses require a greater amount of care and, as such, regular check-ups are required to ensure your eye health does not deteriorate.

contact lense
contact lense consultation


O’Connor Opticians can provide an eye examination and a Contact Lens Consultation by appointment. If you would like to call our practice to arrange an appointment please make sure to book an Eye Examination and a Contact Lens Consultation so we can provide enough time to assess your suitability for contact lenses.


At O’Connor Opticians we stock an extensive range of daily, monthly and extended wear contact lenses which we have sourced from trusted suppliers.
To book a contact lens consultation, get in contact with us.

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